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Vidya Bharati – An Introduction

Vidyabharathi (VP) is an educational wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Its aim is to bring all round development in students along with quality education. Vidya Bharati has incorporated various activities to bring reformation in the society through students.

Vidya Bharati - a Gangotri

In 1952, some committed and patriotic people, who considered education as an artifice to educate young generation started a Sishu mandhir- Temple. Lord McCauley, the British Parlimentarian introduced an education system in India to transform their mindset such that they are ashamed of their ancestors culture and language. And in that process we become slaves  of the British Government.

Our Indian heritage

Education system of Bharath as prevalent in the British rule of India was meticulously described by Thiru Dharampal in the book named “ The Beautiful Tree”. In the earlier times, nearly 1,30,000  schools have been run  in Chennai and North parts of Bengal. In those days students learnt their lessons  in halls, temples, choultries and  porch . There would be one or two teachers in these schools and they teach them to read and write, and provide them basic Maths knowledge. At the age of 10, these students were given higher education according to their interest in that branch.
A teacher was treated with respect in the villages. He/ She was the one who provided the 16 samskars . He was like a Prohithar.  He is a doctor who is there to analyze and  treat  the illness. He solves the disputes among the people like a Judge. He is the  Kendra social protector who organizes important programmes in the village.

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