Work of Alumnus :

Many of our Vidyalayas are  serving the society for 30-40 years. So many of our Alumnis have completed their studies in our Vidyalayas and serving in several fields . To maintain good rapport, their Contact information ( Phone no., Whatsapp no., e-mail id and address ) to be maintained properly. All the Vidyalayas, should register their Alumnis in the All India Bharat  portal. Every school should create a group of Alumnis and conduct meeting for them yearly once and it is fair to get them involved in service activities.

Our goals :

Our goal is to develop a national system of education which would help building a generation of young men and women that is committed to Hindutva and infused with patriotic fervor ; physically, vitally, mentally and spiritually fully developed , capable of successfully facing challenges of life, dedicated to the service of those of our brothers and sisters who dwell in villages, forests, caves and slums, and are deprived and destitute, so that they are liberated from the shackles of social evils and injustice and thus devoted , may contribute to build up a harmonious , prosperous and culturally rich Nation.