Samskriti Gnan Pariksha

Samskriti Gnana Pariksha books are being supplied  every year to all our vidyalayas, to  inculcate good knowledge about our nation, culture, science development and  mathematical skills of our ancestors in students, teachers and  parents.

These textbooks were published in attractive colours and in good quality. This enables the students to kindle their interest to know about our culture and heritage effectively. 

The students of 4 to 12  std will appear for this examination. The teachers and parents of our vidyalaya should be motivated positively to take part in the examination. To make the students to take part in it positively, one period in a week can be assigned to the students in their timetable.

Examination has been planned in the following manner :

  1. Common answer scripts to be followed.

  2. Examination is to be conducted in their own school.

  3. Evaluation to be done in their own school.

  4. List of Students , parents and teachers who have secured above 35 marks  to be sent to Vidya Bharati office.

  5. Certificate will be sent to the achievers.

  6. Fee details : Student/ Parent – Rs. 50 per head. And for staff – Rs. 100/-

  7. The books were available in Tamil/ Hindi as per the choice. Candidates can attempt the examination in Tamil/ Hindi.

  8. The certificate of the participants i.e. students, parents and teachers would be sent.

Important note:

The details of the applicants ( student, parent and teachers)should be filled and sent to Vidya Bharati office within the time span of 10 days. The payment of Fees to be sent through Demand Draft and the same to be sent on / before 20th July. On receiving the Application and Demand Draft, required Textbooks would be sent to the Vidyalayas through Courier/ parcel.

It  is expected to motivate every one in the society to understand that Culture and heritage  based education is very essential.