Ganith Vigyan Mela

Ganith Vigyan Mela 2019-2020:

From 2013-2014 Science Exhibition conducted by Vidya Bharati as Gnan Vigyan Mela. Now the name is Ganith Vigyan Mela.

Every year , the Ganith Vigyan Mela is conducted in the month of July and August.  The competitions to be completed on/ before 20th July. The terms and conditions of the Mela are  already known to  the participating schools.  The competitions to be conducted along with the Vigyan Exhibition in four levels i.e., Sishu, Bala, Kishore and Tharun. It is upto the schools to decide the levels ( as per the classes available in their school). The participation of the students should be more in all levels.  The competitions are meant for the Teaching staff also.

Opportunities to be provided for the students of other schools to participate in the competitions. Winners should be honoured with prizes. It is good if the participation of the students is made with teachers and parents cooperation. It would be an encouraging one, if the winners of the competitions are being felicitated by the Alumnis, Educationalist , Government officers, and Special Guest. First  prize winners of the competitions are eligible to take part in the National level  competitions.

State level competitions will be conducted on 31st August. The application for these competitions will be sent to the respective schools from 15th to 20th August. Entrance fee for the same is Rs. 100/-.  South zone level  competitions will be conducted in Chennai thereafter. Entrance fee is Rs. 200/- . National level competitions to be conducted on the dates to be announced.