Shareerik syllabus

Daily routines :

  1. Samata training
  2. Thooppukaranam 10 counts
  3. Surya Namaskar – 13 Mantras
  4. Samskrita commands
  5. Karya karma exercise – 10 minutes

Weekly once :

  1. Small games
  2. Group games
  3. Sanjalan's training
  4. Prathmic Samata practice
  5. Gosh training


15 days once :

  1. The Samuhik Samata Practice
  2. Vyayam yok ( thirtha gathi, mandha gathi) training given in the camp
  3. Sanjalan's training to be trained with the song

To be trained within one year :

Conduction of various programmes to enhance  regulation, manly and firm.( mountaineering, long cycle ride, marathon). Establishment of Shreerik Group to find the best students.

Shareerik Pradharshan :

Yoga, Samatha, Vyayam yok.

Engaging more number of participants. (Example : in 1000, 2000  nos. )

Yoga education syllabus :

      Kindergarten to Primary classes :

  1. To commence the yoga class with prayer.
  2. Wake up at dawn.
  3. Brushing with appropriate things.
  4. Intake of liquids
  5. Regularly taking care of defecate matters
  6. Wear tidy clothes and comb neatly
  7. Feed animals and birds and never disturb them.
  8. Seek  blessings from parents, teachers and elders.
  9. Show incense sticks to God.
  10. Folding of the feet. ( sitting in Padmasana posture )
  11. Always ensure sitting erect.
  12. Give long breathing exercise.
  13. Always keep smiling .
  14. Training  deep breathing exercise
  15. Laugh loudly
  16. Expressing happiness through applause
  17.  Narrating stories of Yyama and Nyama
  18.  Disguise as people in  spirituality
  19.   Train in Namaskara muththirai
  20. Consume more vegetables, greens and fruits .
  21.  Providing training in first 3 steps of Surya Namaskar
  22.  Recite Omkara mantram before the commencement/  in between the classes and when exhausted.
  23.  Avoid junk foods like Pizza, Noodles, etc.,
  24.  Avoid soft drinks
  25.  Greet when meeting elders
  26.  Practice step by step Surya Namaskaram
  27.  Sit in Padmasana and Vajrasana posture
  28. Reciting devotional and Bhajan songs in group
  29. Complete home assignments on time.
  30.  Dine  together with family members
  31.   Emphasize to buy and use only the necessary items
  32.  Avoid very cold and hot beverages.
  33.   Don’t  make excuses
  34.  Seating in available areas. Staying friendly
  35.   Ensure you are in line while gathering, sitting and dispersing
  36.  Yoga sangalpam 8, 11, 37, 38
  37.   Eating without wasting food
  38.  Render selfless service for the needy.
  39.  Listen and read the anecdotes of great personalities.
  40.  End up the class with Shanti Mantram
  41.   Practice Bhojan Mantram
  42.  Practice Prathasmaranam
  43.  Elders to demonstrate Surya Namaskara to students.

Yoga education syllabus :

      Middle school classes ( VI to VIII std) :

  1. To commence the yoga class with prayer
  2. To recite and play Brahma Nadham whenever needed
  3. Teach  Surya Namaskara with Mantram
  4.  Standing posture Asanas ( Veerabathrasanam, Garudasanam),  Posterior seating  ( salabasanam, Dhanurasanam),      Frontal seating positions                                 ( Jadaraparvarthathanasanam, Shanthiyaasanam), Situated Asanas ( Madhyasanam, Bhaththa  Padmasanam, Suptha Vajrasanam, Passimoththasanam).
  5. Continue to practice the above exercises fully
  6. Consume balanced diet ( Pulses, cereals)
  7. Be  hygienic.
  8. Hang the head and keep the book slightly raised to read well
  9. Never bend your spine while reading.
  10.   Select entertainment  that promotes hygienic health.
  11.   Avoid engaging in hobbyist entertainment.
  12.   Follow Yoga sangalpam in routine.
  13. End up the class with Shanti Mantram.

Yoga education syllabus :

      High  school classes ( IX & X std) :

  1. To commence the yoga class with prayer
  2. Completely practice, asana exercises taught in 6 to 8 classes.
  3. Introducing the Pancha Kosas.
  4. Get Well versed in teaching Surya Namaskar to others and teaching others in groups.
  5. Asana exercises with twisting and stretching movements like Thadasanam, Kathi Chakrasanam, Artha Machchondhirasanam.
  6.  Naadi Suththi Pranayamam.
  7. Realization of oneself.
  8. Ensure to follow  Self-Evaluation as per Yoga Sankalpam  and swear to follow it.
  9.  Use breathing exercises and magic techniques to explore and clear the mind, and to train the mind more than physical body.
  10. End up the class with Shanti Mantram.

Yoga education syllabus :

Senior secondary  classes ( XI & XII std) :

  1. To commence the yoga class with prayer
  2. Practice the asanas learnt so far.
  3. Protect health of human body and soul through Pancha Kosas.
  4. Ensure to Practice Pranayama with Mantram
  5. There are 10 to 30 steps in Pavana Mukthasanam . one can keep the body tired less by easy exercises like Stretching, Circling and revolving .
  6. End up the class with Shanti Mantram.

Music :

Emphasize Vandhana practice  to primary level students. Practice vandhana in correct rhythm and pronunciation especially 5 selective songs of  Pamalai. ( Excluding Vidyalaya Geetham) and  make them to sing after proper training.

Vidyalaya geetham of this year is ,” Annai Nam Bharathathai” and “ Samskrita song  is , “ Bharathiya vayam”. These songs are published in the handbook which need to be memorized in all Vidyalayas .